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Useful Outdoor Tools can help by teaching you exactly what you need to know to excel at a wide variety of outdoor activities – look no further than the outdoor experts at Useful Outdoor Tools for for insider secrets that will transform you from an enthusiast into the ultimate thrill seeker!


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And our entire backlog of premium posts – so you can scratch your “thrill itch” while on your lunch break or laying in bed. We cover almost every outdoor activity in these premium posts – camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, exploration, biking, skiing, climbing, survival, travels guide to popular destinations, and our exclusive product reviews where we give you the skinny on the latest products.

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Do you have a burning question you can’t find a sufficient answer to? Ask one of our experts and we’ll write up a premium post that answers your question and more.

Useful Outdoor Tools can help by teaching you exactly what you need to know to excel at a wide variety of outdoor activities – look no further than the outdoor experts at Useful Outdoor Tools for for insider secrets that will transform you from an enthusiast into the ultimate thrill seeker!


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⇒  Urban Survival Gear To Keep Your Going During A Disaster (Value $9.99)
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⇒  Wise Emergency Food Options for Calamities ($9.99)
⇒  Trekker Must Haves: Things You Will Need for Trekking (Value $5.99)
⇒  Top 10 Survival Items to Keep Handy at All Times (Value $5.99)
⇒  Top 10 Hiking Equipment You Shouldn’t Miss (Value $9.99)
⇒  Ten Essentials to Include in Your First Aid Kit (Value $9.99)
⇒  Survival Tools When Traveling to Remote Places (Value $5.99)
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⇒  Survival Tips When Camping in Snow (Value $9.99)
⇒  Survival Checklist When Camping In Snow (Value $5.99)
⇒  SOS Survival Products: Things to Keep When Emergency Comes (Value $9.99)
⇒  Items You Should Include in Your 72- Hour Disaster Survival Kit (Value $5.99)
⇒  Items to Include in your Backpacking Checklist when Travelling Abroad (Value $5.99)
⇒  Fishing Essentials: Items to Keep in Mind ($9.99)
⇒  Emergency Essentials You Need During Outage (Value $5.99)
⇒  Earthquake Kits Checklist: Essential Items to Use During Earthquakes (Value $5.99)
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⇒  Camping Checklist Essentials for the Camping Enthusiast (Value $5.99)
⇒  Best Survival Backpack List for a Week-Long Camping (Value $5.99)
⇒  Backpacking Essentials 101: Do You Have These Items Ready? (Value $9.99)
⇒  Backpacking Checklist for Women (Value $5.99)

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Let’s Talk About Your Options Here For A Second…

One of the most frequent questions we get is “What makes your membership different than other ways of getting this information?”

So let’s take a moment and talk about that. Most people tend to do one of three things, they’ll subscribed to a magazine, take a live class, or just watch videos on Youtube. We’re better than all three of them – here’s why.

Most magazines really only center on one activity and very few actually provide how-to information. Most of them are just full of ads wanting to you spend your hard earned money on equipment and trips without actually giving you any information on how to go do the activity you subscribed to the magazine for. Nowadays, the only way a magazine can stay afloat is to fill their publications to the brim with ads – you’re basically paying for the right to have advertising shove marketing for their products in your face.

There are no ads on our site. No fake reviews, no meddlesome advertising. Just pure, straight, useful information on a wide array of topics.

Speaking on lots of topics, if you wanted to know how to ski, fly fishing, camp, hike, and more, you’d need over 10 different magazine subscriptions – that could cost you upwards of $90 a month in subscriptions fees.

There’s always live classes. If you can afford to spend $200 or more to learn the basics that you could find on youtube for free. Or, if the class free, they’re almost always pushing a product or bundle on you that you have no idea if it’s actually worth what they say it is. However, one thing the live class has going for it is the sense of community that you just don’t get with a magazine.

Luckily, with us, you get the insider information you gather from a live class and, with our private Facebook, you get to join a community of like-minded thrill seekers that is constantly growing. Share your adventures, comment on other’s experiences, and feel like a valued member of an outdoor community that was built from the ground up to support you in achieving your outdoor dreams!

Now I can hear you saying to yourself, “Why don’t I just watch videos on youtube then? That’s free”. Very true. You could spend hours and hours trying to find someone on youtube that you could actually trust and listen to.

Not to mention almost all of the information on YouTube hasn’t been vetted for safety or accuracy, so you’re taking a big risk by listening to that random guy. And the more time you spend trying to find the one good channel on youtube is time not spent enjoying the outdoors.

No, what you need is a trusted source that covers multiple different outdoor activities and allows for quick, easy access to valuable information that keeps your “thrill itch” in constant supply of inspiration and expert knowledge.


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Nowhere else are you going to get the high quality, constantly updated information to feed your “thrill itch”. There is no reason to limit yourself to just one outdoor activity when, with a Useful Outdoor Tools Membership, you can master them all!

You’re going to be blown away by all the thrilling information that will be yours when you join.

As much as we would love to have you stay as one of our exclusive subscribers and enjoy the perks of our vast library of articles and downloads – you’re free to go. If you are not satisfied being a member of our website in the span of 60 days, then you can refund your money.No hassle!

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