Going on a Historical Tour in London

Going on a Historical Tour in London

Going on a Historical Tour in London

A historical tour and London is probably the best pairing ever!

That’s because this great city is rife of historical landmarks and places that is a must-see for any tourist.

Obviously, there are a lot of other awesome cities the world over that also offers historically significant locations. Few could match the UK’s capital, however!

So if you are one of those interested in taking a bit of historical sightseeing in one of Europe’s premier capital’s, then read on for the next few minutes.

London’s Top Historical Tour Destinations

Let get this tour going! Enough of the waiting! We’re now going to locate and explore the best historical destinations that the city of London has to offer.

By simply walking down the streets of London, any tourist is bound to encounter a lot of history and culture. Just think about that and let the overflowing richness sink in as we explore it further.

Let’s meet them now:

     1. Roman London

As most of us know, Great Britain was once a part of the Roman Empire and that includes London. And that is why there are still signs of that occupation and it is now known as Roman London.

The Romans stayed in Great Britain for nearly four hundred years so that means that they left quite a mark there. Although some of what the Romans left behind is in ruins, it is still in good enough shape for people to visit and marvel at.

  • Visitors can still the awe of being inside London’s Roman Amphitheater where gladiators once waged battles.
  • There is also the excitement of the recent discovery of a Roman public bath house that’s located at Upper Thames Street.
  • Right beneath one of London’s car parks are the intact remains of the Roman West gatehouse. It is the largest one that’s been found intact yet.
  • Found at the Museum of London is the largest collection of Roman artifacts in the city. It offers a unique perspective on the influence of Rome on the city of London itself.

     2. Royal London

London and by the extension, Great Britain itself, is synonymous with royalty. So it would be a great experience for any tourist to simply walk to and from those royal locations.

Kensington Palace Gardens

The walk is going to be composed of the city’s exquisite Royal Parks and gardens. It all starts at St. James Park and from there the tourist is taken along the many royal palaces, landmarks, and even households.

It is like literally following in the footsteps of all the great personalities and even Kings and Queens of the British Empire.

Great places to visit and marvel at along the way are both Hyde Park as well as Kensington Palace Gardens. Other great attractions such as:

  • Buckingham Palace,
  • Clarence House,
  • and The Royal Albert Memorial

…also fill tourists with a sense of history and grandeur.

Speaking of Kensington Palace Gardens, it is near where the historical tours end which is at the nearby Italian Water Gardens. Kensington is a place where tourists and other visitors could learn more about Britain’s Royal family as it is open to the people.

     3. The London of Charles Dickens

A historical tour of London is not going to be complete without including the places associated with one of Britain’s foremost and most beloved writers.

Charles Dickens Museum

So a historical tour in London that involves Charles Dickens is an absolute must. It all starts at the Charles Dickens Museum, located at 48 Doughty Street.

From there, tourists are treated to places that were also the locations of the most memorable scenes from his novels. Of course, included among the places are those that were also important in his private life.

Here is a list of those Dickensian locations:

  • Saffron Hill, where Fagin’s Den in Oliver Twist is located.
  • The Old Bailey, which is he venue for Magwitch’s trial in Great Expectations.
  • Borough High Street, where most of Little Dorrit took place.
  • Wood Street, where Charles Dickens first arrived in London as a 10 year old child.
  • Marshalsea Prison is another setting for Dickens’ novels while also being the place where his father was sent to because of his debts.
  • Last stop is at the George Inn, which is the last surviving Coaching Inn in Charles Dickens’ side of London.

Go ahead and visit these places!

These are just some samples of what London has to offer in terms of historical tours. It is a major testament to the cultural and historical richness of not just the city but the entire country itself.

Tourists who are visiting for the first time and even those who have seen it several times before are always enthralled by the historical riches. Of course, the city and the rest of the country is more than just that but a historical tour of London is a great jumping on point.

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