The Safest Family Camping Spots in the US

The Safest Family Camping Spots in the US

The Safest Family Camping Spots in the US

Camping is a can’t-miss-family-affair!

It is so much more fun to go camping with your loved ones. The activities are much more adventurous and exciting plus there is so much more meaning to it all.

But in the midst of all the fun, we can’t overlook some of the more important things to consider.

Such as safety and it definitely becomes a more pronounced issue when family is involved.

So why not take a few minutes of your time to read about camping spots that also prioritize family safety.

What are the safest family camping spots in the US?

Here are the safest and also the best family camping spots located in the US:

  • Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes
  • Jellystone Park, Larkspur
  • Fort Yargo State Park
  • Ventura Ranch KOA
  • Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort

Let’s now look at each family camping spot in more detail:

     1. Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes

Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes has a design that accommodates the modern day camper. It offers features such as log cabins and canvas tent cabins. In addition to those features, there is also an Airstream trailer rental that is fund right there along the lake.

The more traditional camper would be glad to know that there are also classic campsites that have picnic tables and fire pits. Still, campers would be delighted to find that they could still enjoy luxuries such as whirlpool tubs inside deluxe rooms.

The resort is surrounded by three different lakes and that is why it is able to offer plenty of water activities to campers. They could take part and delight in canoeing and trout fishing.

To keep the kid campers occupied, there are other fun activities such as classes on cooking on campfires and making dyed shirts.

     2. Jellystone Park, Larkspur

A yogi bear themed camping ground?

Wow, that seems like a really fun place to be that entire families could go visit and enjoy. And it would especially be fun for the kids, who would be thrilled to recognize some of their favorite cartoon characters there.

The campground is located right between Denver and Colorado Springs. It is more than just a collection of sites where campers go and pitch their tents for the night or for several days.

Campers can also stay at the safari tents, yurts, tepees, and cottages that have en suite bathrooms. The campground offers fossil digging, goat walks, geocaching, and archery classes. Pike National Forest which is close by is also a great option for exploring.

Of course, many campers would also find it great to have their photographs taken with Yogi Bear and Boo Boo. There are two chances for this picture taking sessions, when the flag is raised in the morning and when it is lowered in the afternoon.

If you want to learn more about this camp resort, then check out the full travel guide here.

Estes Park, Colorado

     3. Fort Yargo State Park

Fort Yargo State Park is located in Georgia and what makes it significant for families is because of its participation in the state’s First Time Camper Program.

This program allows families to feel how it is to sleep beneath the stars in a tent. That would be a great experience especially for first timers before they purchase their own camping equipment.

Camping 101 lessons are available for kids and after that they could go kayaking or swimming in the lake. Additional activities include 3 day Junior Ranger camps and nature hikes led by rangers.

     4. Ventura Ranch KOA

Ventura Ranch KOA is located at the foot of Topa Topa, which is one of the tallest mountains found in Ventura County. It is also a mere one hour away from the city of Los Angeles.

A lot of family oriented activities are in store. They could try flying on a zip line, take nature walks, or race up rock climbing towers. At night, the use of Indian style tepees can be reserved or simply relax in the available logs and cabins.

For the more adventurous campers, they also have the choice of using safari tents that have private porches and comfortable beds. They might find that a few animals will come by as they are letting the time pass idly by.

     5. Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort

A family that loves Christmas will definitely have a blast at Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort. It shouldn’t be any wonder since it’s located in a town that’s actually named Santa Claus.

Almost the entire campground is Christmas themed and even the activities are all about that jolly season. There is a whole lot of fun in doing things like family movie nights, playing in the playgrounds. Even Rudolph might an appearance himself.

As a sort of bonus, those campers who are interested to head to Holiday World can simply ride the free shuttle that goes there.

These are just a few examples of the safest and best family camping spots found in the US. If there is one thing that’s common to all of them it’s the fact that each one of these locations emphasizes fun, enjoyment, and camaraderie!

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