How to Cook When Snow Camping

How to Cook When Snow Camping

How to Cook When Snow Camping

When it’s snowing outside, stay indoors and hide!

That’s what you should do if you hate fun and adventure. But if you’re into camping, you should try it out while there is snow on the outside.

Snow camping can be a lot of fun, but you have got to be ready for it.

There are plenty of challenges which you might have to face because of the cold.

One of the biggest challenges which you might have to face then is how you can prepare food and cook. The snow and the extremely cold conditions can be challenges that are hard to overcome.

In the next four minutes, you will learn how you can cook while snow camping with this article.

Cooking When Snow Camping

There’s no mystery why cooking out when there is snow on the outside can be a difficult task.

First of all, the layer of snow on the ground can make it difficult to get a fire started. When you do get a fire going, the snow when being melted might extinguish the fire.

Then there is the wind. The strong and cold wind can make it doubly hard for you to get a fire going.

But don’t let these factors stop you!

Here are some ideas that you should keep in mind when you are cooking while camping when there is snow:

     1. Protecting the Fire

As mentioned earlier, there are several things which can put out your fire when the temperature is below freezing. So when you want to start cooking, the main thing to remember is that you need to protect your fire.

Before starting your cooking fire, you should place sticks at the bottom to act as a barrier between the fire and the snow. If you are using a stove, you need to use a pad.

The pad and the sticks will help slow down the transfer of the heat and now melt the snow.

     2. Pick the Right Cooking Gear

When you are snow camping, it is a better choice for you to use wooden or plastic utensils.

Why are plastic utensils better than metal?

Metal utensils are good conductors. That means they can cause the temperature of the food that you are cooking to go down. When you have the temperature going down, that could cause your cooking to take a longer.

You want your cooking to be as quick as possible because the cold condition could cause the fire to go out.

So just stick with plastic or wood.

How To Dress For Snow Camping

     3. Cook and Eat a Lot

Because it’s difficult to cook when there is snow outside, does that mean you have to limit your eating?

Reducing the amount of food that you will be eating seems to make a lot of sense if it’s hard to cook, but that’s not really recommended.

During the cold season, it actually makes sense for you to eat more. In fact, that’s the best time for you to increase the calories of your diet.it

You can consume up to 3,000 calories per day when the temperature is really cold. As it gets colder, you should eat more.

You should cook recipes that include a lot of high calorie foods like cheese, butter, and nuts.

     4. Get Things Read in Advance

So, it does not make sense to cut down on the food that you will be eating when you go snow camping.

The best thing to do so you don’t have to spend too much time cooking on the snow, is to get things ready in advance.

Pre-cut, pre-cook, and mix all of the ingredients which you will be cooking when you go camping. That way, you would not have to spend time mixing and chopping while out in the cold.

Trail Mix

     5. Drink Up

Aside from preparing plenty of food, you should also think about the beverage you will be drinking when camping.

When you go camping, it is crucial for you to stay hydrated. Snow camping is not different from other forms of camping.

You must drink 32 ounces in the morning to get started and you need to continue drinking throughout the day. That means you should also include heating up water or making beverages throughout the day, together with your cooking.

Best Dishes to Try When Snow Camping

So, what are the best dishes that you can try while you are snow camping?

There’s no lack of great recipes out there, but here are a few dishes you should not forget:

  • Soup
  • Dumplings
  • Chili
  • Fried Pasta

As you can see, these dishes are either very simple or easy to prepare and cook or they can help you to stay warm. Now in regards with the beverage, you can always go for hot chocolate or if you don’t like that, there’s always tea.

Just because you’re camping out in the cold, does not mean you don’t have to cook. Hopefully, these ideas can help make your snow camping experience a lot better.

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